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Corrigan Jewels | Vintage Jewellery | Engagement Ring

In every jewel there is a story to be told.     


“When I began my journey at an early age, it was  a combination of three elements that ignited a lifetime passion for jewels. History – how things from the past tell a story, gemmology- the idea that there is profound beauty within the earth’s rocks and craftsmanship- how we are able to shape these rocks into the most exquisite of creations. Never is this more evident than in the beauty and charm of old-cut stones from a bygone age. My aspiration is simply one thing; to share my love of jewels and for them to become part of your story”


Further to an extensive career in the luxury retail industry, Paul Corrigan spent many years developing his trade with some of the premiere suppliers of fine vintage jewellery in the country. In 2014, Corrigan Jewels was formed with the ambition to create his own collection and in 2016, Corrigan Jewels launched exclusively in the fine jewellery room at Fortnum and Mason. More recently, we have expanded to include an online presence as the business continues to grow.


 “Having had the privilege to launch my own business, I am now delighted to provide a personally curated collection, inspired by a love of vintage design. I carefully select only the finest pieces based on beauty, quality, craftsmanship and condition”


With a focus on engagement rings, diamond-set and coloured gemstones, Corrigan Jewels source vintage jewellery from all over the UK. We also offer a service creating unique, bespoke pieces to the design of your choice. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss your requirements.



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